Factory Audit

Factory Audit

Great Brand's Audit Process

Many great brand use detailed social, safety and environmental compliance audits to evaluate whether a factory’s practices meet the requirements in their Standards for Suppliers are met. Below are some of the audit requirements:

1. Workers are properly paid for all labor hours

2. All labor is voluntary

3. Producers comply with all child labor laws and standards

4. Working hours are not excessive and are consistent with local laws or regulations

5. Factories meet health and safety standards. The Responsible Sourcing audit process includes: 

A detailed document review, including licenses, permits and records relating to labor, employment and pay practices;

Visual inspection of the premises;

Confidential worker interviews.

Haslor Bags Meet Various Brands’ Factory Audit

Haslor Bags have passed the factory audits, such as BSCI, NBCU, Disney, Sedex, Walmart, Carrefour, Target, Auchan, Nestle, Samsonite, Avis and so on. 

Meanwhile, we can offer you the certificates, like REACH, California Proposition 65, Phthalates contentin item 51/52 of European regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006 (REACH ) Annex XVII and its amendments -(Formerly Known as Directive 2005/84/EC) and so on.