Our Team

Our Team

 Wendy Yang

1. Engaged in bag field for 8 years.

2. Served more than 40 customers.

3. Participated in company’s large-scale exhibitions for more than 10 times. 

    I am a results-driven Sales Director with honesty and high responsibility. With broad experience about bags, I have profound understanding in this industry. Besides,I am highly-efficient in target customers to meet their various needs. Furthermore,it’s really my pleasure to help solve customer’s practical problems.

Personal Story

    In early 2010, I received a backpack inquiry from American client. At beginning, the category and quantity of product consulted is few, but more in specific requirement, such as strict color and quality.Many material suppliers found them difficult to achieve, but I still remain patient and believed that the client has much potential. 

    To establish long cooperation relationship, on one hand, I took great effort to modify the samples, even for 9 times; on the other hand, I tried my best to negotiate with related departments for the material matters. After meeting all the client’s requirements, I finally got a small order from this client. 

    To my delight, the client expressed his appreciation after delivery and then sent their own product successively to seek cooperation. What’s more, later, the client even gave us dozens of product to manufacture, if all got satisfied, another product of his branch will also be given to us for collaboration. 

    Just like this way, I gradually built trust with this client, and in return, he placed whole year order in Haslor. Until now, we still maintain close collaboration, and I even can arrange his shipment for every week! From multiple times of cooperation, I understand that as long as I serve attentively and warmheartedly, being considerate to meet clients’ demand, I will create not only my company but myself much broader platform to develop.  

Hannah Zheng

1. Three-year purchasing experience in Foreign Enterprise

2. Working in bag factory for 3 years.

3. Represented purchaser to view the Exhibits.

4. Participated in Hong Kong Exhibition and Canton Fair for more than eight times. 

    I am sincere, cheerful and highly-responsible. I had been working in Spain office from year 2007 to 2010. From this job, I got familiar with various manufacturing products in China, and also went to different factories on inspection. Therefore, I understood the quality control and process requirement by customer.

Personal Story 

    In 2014, I joined Quanzhou Haslor Bags Co., Ltd as international sales. With broad experience in previous purchasing, I have a clear understanding about what clients really need. Apart from it, I am considerate and enthusiastic to solve clients’ puzzles, making all goes smoothly. 

    So far, I have offered service to many big clients. One of the big clients is from United Kingdom, which has the ability to place $ 10 million order for the whole year. This client has a very strict demand on the material’s quality, no matter it is a repeated order or not, we are required to offer the color sample every time. And only after every confirmation by this client, we can start to arrange the mass production of all materials, which always results in tense delivery time. 

    It has to pay attention that, as long as two sample colours are not to the client’s demand,the delivery time will be delayed for 20 days. Of course, this situation will not be allowed to happen by our client, so to guarantee the delivery time, we should convey accurately the client’s request to our material suppliers and ask them to prepare a few kinds of colour samples. Usually three types for each colour are offered by suppliers, but to improve the passing rate, we ask for five types.What’s more, during the production line, I will first predict what problems may occur, and then remind the factory to avoid them in advance. 

    Therefore, at present, my clients are very pleased with our previous cooperation, and the good business relationship between us will still last in the future.From serving this client, I also have learned a lot, such as the domain knowledge.And I really hope to offer more clients with satisfactory products and professional service.

Vivian Wang

1. Two-year experience in business importing sales.

2. Three-year experience in bags exporting sales.

3. Participated in various exhibitions as an importer.

4. Join large-scale exhibition for more than 5 times. 

    I am an outgoing girl with honest and high responsibility.And I really like to make acquisition with clients from different places. Besides,I have been engaged in importing and exporting sales since my graduation, that’s why I am familiar with the process of international trade now. 

During the three years in bag sales industry, I became more professional, acquiring much knowledge about bag product.So, I am confident in offering best service to every customer.

Personal Story 

    My Czech Republic’s client placed the first order at the end of 2015.When it comes to this client, I kept in touch since 2014. It was really a long time for me to recommend product, offer quoted price, send samples, and modify samples, which didn’t stop until one year later. Although many problems arose during the process, I actively solve them according to client’s expectation, wining the praise for multiple times then. 

    Everything comes to him who waits; finally I got first order from this client. The quantity was not large, and strict in quality requirements, however, I believed that only the best service, professional product understanding and excellent quality control can lead to more client’s appreciation. As expected, during the manufacturing process of first order,this client placed new orders in succession.

    On April 2016, the client even made the decision to visit our factory on inspecting goods, and then everything went smoothly to delivery for my considerate service.The client finally spoke very highly of our quality and service, and promised to give us new project for cooperation. Apart from it, the client and I even became good friends. In daily life, we usually talk something in common and interesting! 

    From serving this client, I understand that to help customer grow rapidly, in some extent, is to help myself. Every client,either big or small, deserves best service from us.  

Joanna Chen

    Engaged in bag sale industry for 3 years. I have strong responsibility with sincere, responding promptly to every question from clients. Besides, I am familiar with related working process to offer better service. 

Personal Story 

    In July 2015, I received an inquiry from German client, who has a very strict demand on fabric color and quality. At first, according to their requirement on product, I offered the related quoted price. However, I did not get this client’s clear reply until one month later I telephoned him again. After answer all the client’s questions in detail, he promised to order but sample first. 

    During the sample offering process, demand is still high from this client; for example, when it comes to EVA mould issue, we were asked to make changes even for four times. I had to negotiate with suppliers again and again, trying to meet client’s demand. Finally, after sample finished, the German client was very satisfied at both our sample and considerate service. After thinking twice, he determined to place an order to me in November. Of course, there are still many requirements in the order, but to make the client satisfied, I tried to meet every reasonable demand with patient attitude. 

    From this case, I learned that during whatever situation, we should be patient to clients; and no matter what demand they will come up with, we should be professional and enthusiastic. Furthermore, we should leave clients no trouble, finding out problems to solve ahead of time.   

Caroline Lin

Engaged in bag sale industry for 3 years. 

    I am honest, patient and highly-responsible with strong adaptive capacity. With experience in bag sales, I got very familiar with foreign trade operational process and have good communication skills when facing customers.

Personal Story 

    In spring 2013, it is by an incidental chance that I joined in Haslor. The lead of my superior pushed me to grow up quickly.In a happy working environment, I experienced much fabulous in Haslor. 

    Here, what made me inspiring and touched is that the friendship between our sales executives and our client. All Haslor colleagues are working hard and we believe that the principle of “Customer First, Quality First” is the secret to success.At beginning, I was not familiar with bag industry, but with a serious and responsible attitude, whenever my customers come across problems, I will immediately reply them in sincerity. If any change happens to the product or order, I will at once notify customers what the issue is and give them best advice. Of course, I also update progress of order timely to my customers, making them know every production status until all have been finished smoothly. 

    After cooperation repeatedly, I have a deep understanding that what shows your respect to customers is the speed and attitude to serve. Sometimes, the timely feedback can even save me a lot of trouble. Think twice for others, which really enables not only customers but myself much convenience. What’s more, I can better myself during the good service that I offer to customers.v