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FAQ of Industry and Product

What is your best price?

We will quote you best price according to your quantity, sowhen you making an inquiry, please let us know the quantity you want.  

What are the main textile fabrics of Haslor bags?

There are various types of fabrics used in Haslor bags construction, such as Polyester (include Oxford 600D*600D, 500*500D, 300*300D, 420D,Jacquard,Diamond checks, Microfiber, Satin), nylon (include Gucci nylon double twisted, Gucci nylon 840D, 1000D, 1680D) andCanvas (include 6OZ, 8OZ, 10OZ,12OZ, 14OZ and 16OZ).Apart from these, we have linen, polyester and blends, rayon, silk,tapestry, velvet and velveteen, and lining fabrics.    

What are the advantages of Haslor compared with other kind of bags?

Haslor bags support great brand’s factory audit, keep high quality control, own OEM cooperation guidelines and even have experienced service team!

Is water resistant the same as waterproof?

Water resistant means that an item can withstand rain, snow and wet weather. Do not submerge this type of gear in water, unless you want to ruin it. Water-resistant fabrics keep water from being absorbed—water will just bead off the fabric.On the other hand, if you're more of a water-bound operator, stock up on waterproof gear. It's specifically designed to be completely submerged in water and still provide top-notch performance.

What's the material of your product?

It can be any material as customers' requirement, but we usually use nylon, polyester, canvas etc.

Can I get sample?

Yes, we are honored to offer you samples.

Can your bag meet Eu/America’s standard.

Yes, pls tell us what market you are or standard you need, we can make to meet EU/America’s standard like Rohs, Reach, Cp65,etc